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Cloud Server vs Local Server

If you have the option to use a local server or a cloud server and are trying to make a decision. This may help.

Using a local server you will lose time and money because...

  • a power outage means no access to the server

  • your local server won't start up every now and again for seemingly no reason

  • a flood kills the local server

  • someone kicked the cable out when they walked past

  • an employee maliciously sabotages the local server

  • a virus from a USB killed the local server

  • a hard drive in the local server dies corrupting some data

  • you run out of RAM on your local server

  • you run out of CPU on your local server

  • you run out of hard drive on your local server

  • a power spike killed your local server

  • the backups had failed so now you only have data from last week

  • a ransomware attack encrypted all your data

  • someone forgot to renew the warranty on the local server

  • a local technician says it will cost over $2,000 just to fix it

  • plus parts that will take a few days to arrive…

Using a cloud server you will sleep well at night because...

  • the cloud server and all your data is in a secure data centre

  • there are no unexpected costs for repairs or maintenance

  • there are no up front cost to get started

  • big business level security software and hardware protects your server

  • if your business downsizes so does your IT spend

  • your cloud server can expand incrementally as your business grows

  • you always have a full support team ready to help solve any problems

  • you always have enough RAM at no extra cost

  • you always have enough CPU at no extra cost

  • your hard drive can expand or shrink as needed

  • your server is super reliable/fast because it is virtual and lives on big infrastructure

  • your cloud server has its operating system updated for you with no down time

  • you will automatically comply with IT security best practice

  • your data will be backed up for you multiple times in multiple locations

Learn more about Habitat3's cloud server hosting at:


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