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Private Hosted Servers

What does Habitat3 do? 

We provide Australian businesses with Australian based virtualised servers located in a secure DataCentre (generally termed Virtual Private Servers or VPS) to allow them to host their business applications and data off-premises.
Our service is unique in that our monthly hosting fees include:
  • Free sever setup and configuration
  • Full ongoing, unlimited server support (including 24/7 critical support)
  • Firewall Security including source IP
  • Backups (including offsite to second DataCentre)
  • As much CPU and RAM as required
  • Windows Operating System licenses
  • Windows Remote Desktop licenses
  • Windows patching and updates
  • Website filtering
  • AntiVirus on Virtual Private Servers
  • Flexibility – add or remove users at any time
  • Full scalability of infrastructure for 100s of users
We partner with some of the market leading software developers in the professional services industry.
This focus and specialisation means we can offer our clients high performing and reliable Virtual Private Servers to underpin their sensitive data and business related applications.
All supported with personalised service at a fixed price per month.

Lots of great benefits

Data security - means peace of mind

  • Fully secure individually hosted servers with unique database

  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection

  • Full application delivery to desktop – not web-based public access

  • Password lockout if more than three incorrect attempts

  • Encrypted access to servers located on the Gold Coast and Sydney


Business Continuity - reduces stress

  • Enterprise level server hardware warranties

  • Spare equipment on “hot” standby

  • Automated nightly backups of all data

  • Regular server hardware upgrades done with no downtime

  • ISO 9001 DataCentre power and Internet redundancy


Fully Supported - ensures productivity

  • Private hosted server is fully supported by our experienced Australian based helpdesk 8am – 6pm general (24/7 critical - no access)

  • We also provide support for your local network and PCs


Convenience - saves you time 

  • Access software from anywhere when connected to the Internet

  • Share centralised database between multiple staff in different offices

  • Software upgrades done for you

  • Access from both Mac and Windows PCs

  • Access via 3G when on the road


Cost effective - saves you money

  • No setup fees

  • Hosting costs linked directly to required files/matters

  • Use month to month – no lock in expensive contracts

  • No need to upgrade existing PCs/Terminals

  • Includes Microsoft server operating system license fees


Fully licensed - means hassle free use

  • Private hosted server includes;

    • All Windows Server licensing

  • Other licensing can be provided including;

    • MS Office including Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher

    • All SQL licensing (including Standard Edition if required)

We take care of the technology

Clients don't want to know about all the logistics involved in getting a package from New York to London in 3 days. They just want to know it will get there on time and what the cost will be.


In a similar way we look after all the IT logistics, provide a service level agreement ensuring reliability and performance and offer simple, non-technical pricing.

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Level 5, 20 Bond Street, Sydney, NSW 2000