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Starting from $228 per month, 
your subscription includes:

  • User accounts x 3

  • Hard drive storage - 40GB

  • Free server setup and configuration

  • Unlimited server support 

  • Enterprise level security

  • Full server + data backups

We work with you to develop a
full proposal to meet your requirements

Our pricing model is based on a monthly subscription which comprises four key components:

•    User Accounts
•    Server Hard Drive Space
•    MicroS
oft Office Licenses
•    Security Enhancements

User Accounts are the number of staff that need access to the hosted server (to use apps and access data).

Data storage relates to how much space your Habitat3 server needs to function (eg. Operating System, Database Engines eg) plus your software and data.

Microsoft Office licenses are required for each user account that wishes to use MS Office. Even if you currently use Office 365, Microsoft requires us to charge an MS Office license if you wish to use MS Office applications on the hosted server. We are able to downgrade your Office365 licenses to offset this cost if appropriate.

Optional security enhancements include Virtual Private Networks and Two-Factor Authentication.

CPI based price increases of approx 2% are typically implemented in July each year.


We will work with you to explore your requirements and understand exactly how using our service can help. Our proposal will outline each pricing component and the quantity required. 

Detailed Pricing (inc GST)
First three user accounts
$174 per month

This monthly fee includes:

  • Free sever setup and configuration

  • Full ongoing, unlimited server support (including 24/7 critical support)

  • Firewall Security including source IP

  • Backups (including offsite to second DataCentre)

  • As much CPU and RAM as required

  • Windows Operating System licenses + Windows Remote Desktop licenses

  • Windows patching and updates

  • Website filtering from within hosted server + AntiVirus on hosted servers

  • Flexibility – add or remove users at any time

  • Full scalability of infrastructure for 100s of users

Additional user accounts
$58 per user account, per month
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Add or remove users at any time
  • Customise profiles, choose user names and passwords
  • Share users across different staff (eg. shifts)
Microsoft Office Licenses
$25 per license, per month
To use Microsoft Office on the cloud server, you will require a server-based license per user account to replace any PC or Office 365 licensing you currently pay for.  Microsoft Office Standard license includes:
  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Publisher
Hard Drive storage
$1.35 per GB per month (first 100GB)
$0.90 per GB per month (over first 100GB)
Hard Drive storage is required for the Windows Operating System and your associated applications and data. The minimum level of allocated Hard Drive storage is 40GB to allow for all Windows system files, application files and sufficient free space for the server to operate efficiently.  
Two-Factor Authentication 
$5.50 per user per month
Two-Factor Authentication is strongly recommended but not mandatory. It is an optional security feature
Virtual Private Network
$33 per set of 5 secure tunnels per month
Virtual Private Networks are typically required to allow local equipment to communicate with the hosted server environment. We can assist you in determining if a VPN is suited to your requirements.
Minimal Office
Other pricing information
Setup: $0 Free
There are no setup fees. We create your server, the users and install the software you require.

Data Migration: $0 Free
We provide a free data migration service (if data upload is commenced prior to 2pm on a weekday) to assist you to start using our hosting service.  On an agreed date, our project manager will work with your team to migrate your databases, MS Office files, Emails and other data you need on your new hosted server.
Ongoing server based support: $0 Free
As part of the Habitat3 subscription we provide unlimited ongoing support to maintain your hosted server functionality. This includes responding to client requests, resolving any issues, adding/removing user accounts, updating Windows and other software, setting file permissions, monitoring RAM/CPU levels and more. Simply log your requests via our support web-portal to receive prompt support.
Nightly Full Server Backups: $0 Free
Backups are completed to ensure that all your data as well as the complete private cloud server is able to be restored. Full server backups are completed every 24 hours and 14 days history is retained. There is no extra charge for these backups. We also send a copy of these nightly backups to a second Australian DataCentre to further protect your data at no additional charge.
MS SQL Database licensing
In some instances your software will require the Microsoft SQL database. In most instances the free SQL version can be used (SQL Express). If you do require MS SQL Standard or Enterprise versions please ask for pricing as fees do fluctuate due to Microsoft's pricing.
MS Office Professional
If you require MS Access within your MS Office suite then you will require the Professional version of Office. We are able to provide specific pricing.
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