Host your HandiSoft on a secure private server

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Moving to a private cloud server to host HandiSoft means more peace of mind, security and productivity

Using a Habitat3 Private Cloud server means you no longer need a physical server in your office to run your software.
You can access the HandiSoft software, Microsoft Office (including email) and all your related files from multiple offices or when you are on the road via the Internet.
Endorsed by Sage HandiSoft.

Key Features of our Service

Unlimited Server based support: We provide free ongoing support to ensure your cloud server is maintained and functioning as required at all times. Our premium support is our key differentiation in the market.

Security, Privacy and Data-Sovereignty: We store your data within an independent cloud server (not shared) within our  secure ISO accredited DataCentres all located within Australia - all your data remains on your own server in Australia at all times.

Backups: Full server backups are completed every 24 hours and 14 days history is retained.  There is no extra charge for these backups.

Offsite Backups: We are also able to send a complete copy of your full server backup to a second data centre each day.

Disaster Recovery cloud server replication: In addition to offsite backups, we are able to synchronise your full server to a second data centre every 15 minutes to allow you to 'failover' to the second data centre if the private data centre stops functioning.

Anywhere-Anytime access: You can work from home or while travelling, facilitating the ideal work-life balance.

MS Office integration: Seamless integration between HandiSoft and your email and other MS Office applications.

Flexibility: Use the service, add or remove user accounts, storage and MS office licenses month to month. There are no lock in contracts at Habitat3.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the pricing work?
Our pricing is based on a per user account per month basis - a monthly subscription.  You would typically need as many user accounts as you have different staff who need access to the system at the same time.
What do I need to get started?
All you need is an Internet connected PC or Laptop to start using HandiSoft on a private cloud server.  
How do I move my data to the cloud server?
We provide a free setup and data migration service to ensure downtime is minimised.  We upload your database via the Internet overnight and in the morning you are ready to start using your private cloud server.
Will the service suit my practice?
Habitat3 cloud servers are perfect for small start-up practices as the pricing is very flexible.  Cloud servers are also great value for multi-site firms accessing a central system from many offices due to the scalability and flexibility of the technology.  
How can I contact Habitat3?
Please contact us on 1300 550 941 or or complete the form below.
A word from our clients...

Firstly can I say how glad I am to have partnered up with Habitat3 for my practice IT solution – your guys have been great so far and things are working well for such a short period of time.


Such is my satisfaction with the success and ease of migration I have sprouted my thoughts with my business associates including a financial planning business (with some 14 team members including partners).

Gary Matheson

Principal at Pinnacle Accounting Solutions

I just want to say how happy I am with the Habitat3 service and give a big shout out to Corbin who is always efficient and helpful as well as exceptionally patient with our “technically challenged” staff. So glad to have Habitat3 helping us out with all things techo!

Karen Greinke

Director at Harvey Greinke & Associates

We have been with Habitat3 just over 12 months now and i don’t know why we didn’t do is sooner.  We use HandiSoft, Document Manager, HandiTax, HandiLedger and HandiSecurity all on the Habitat3 server. We also have all the Microsoft programs. I can have all the software running at once including web browers and have no issues. Our experience as a whole with Habitat3 and the team is excellent. I honestly can’t fault them and I would recommend their service to anyone and everyone.

Sylvana Puskaric

Practice Manager - Alpha Consulting Group

I am very happy with Habitat 3, thank you. The platform is excellent and the support is outstanding. Couldn’t be happier.

Pamela Hussey

Director at Hussey and Hussey Accountants

We’re very happy with the Habitat3 service and always get prompt responses to fix any problems that do arise. We’re a very satisfied customer and very glad that we made the change to Habitat3.  I just wish I had found Habitat3 five years ago!

Julie Staples

Tamworth Tax Team

The service we have received since late June 2015 has been above and beyond our expectations. We had great reservations to switching to the cloud and to be honest we were really concerned about service and reliability.  To date everything has worked well and any little issues and software updates have been resolved so fast that I am so greateful, and would like to let you know how happy we are with the service.

Ian Krarup

Aspire Financial Group

Habitat3 provides an excellent, dependable, secure and cost effective on premise server alternative. The set up process was very smooth and significantly easier than previous on site server installations.  The support is excellent and efficient. I highly recommend Habitat3.

My computer and data is my life and a system which works well is extremely important, without it I am unable to run my business! Habitat3 are always most helpful and happy to guide me through my problems. I have all programs on the cloud and all programs printing including my custom software. I am very happy with my decision.

Malcolm Williams

Malcolm Williams Accounting

Having been with Habitat3 now for around 12 months and having used another provider previously, I can easily say that I will stay with Habitat3.  Their knowledge about the cloud server requirements of accounting practices and Sage Handisoft is outstanding and their high standard of support is unrivalled.  In the period I have been using Habitat3, I have had zero downtime due to IT issues and they are more than accommodating when it comes to scheduling maintenance outside peak usage times.  Do yourself a favour and contact Habitat3 to get started; you will be glad you did.

Michael Ferris

ProBooks Accounting

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