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Cloud Productivity Tools

Habitat3 partner, i360 Cloud Services, helps Australian small businesses save time and money by providing all the key business cloud services that drive efficiencies, reduce costs and make life easier in your business!

Microsoft 365

We setup, configure and manage your Microsoft 365 services. Choose the MS 365 package that's right for you.  Flexible monthly pricing means you're never locked in to a plan that doesn't suit your business

Cloud Phones

We replace your phone lines, on-premise phone system and your unfriendly telco with our cloud based phone system and awesome support team. Make and receive business landline calls from your mobile – setup line hunts – transfer to internal extensions – initiate conference calls – individual voicemail and more.

Cloud Backups

We implement a range of backup solutions to meet your requirements. We are your one-stop-shop for all your small business cloud backup needs.

Cyber Security

We implement a suite of six carefully curated security services to keep your data safe. This includes PC & mobile security, Cloud App security, Password Management tools, Data encryption, Two Factor authentication and Data and Email Backups.

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