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AWS Case Studies

National Vision Optometrists

Habitat3 helps a multi-site chain of optometrists centralise their practice management software and large retinal image database within a single hosted Windows solution at AWS. 
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Southern Family Law

Habitat3 helps a start-up law firm grow staffing rapidly while ensuring maximum mobility and flexibility by hosting their practice management software and legal documents within a scalable remote desktop environment at AWS.

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Country Doctors Practice

Habitat3 helps a regional Medical GP practice ensure data security and service reliability for their patients by creating a secure SQL database and highly reliable remote desktop solution at AWS.

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National Vision Optometrists

Initial Problem:
National Vision Optometrists (NVO) are a multi-site chain of optometry stores that required a secure, centralized application hosting service for 20 staff across their 8 Adelaide practices.

NVO has a strength in providing contact lenses to patients and this requires retinal photos to be taken and stored within the patient record in their PMS efficiently. 


Habitat3 created a secure AWS environment and migrated the Windows workloads across to AWS using the AWS Application Migration Service.. This consisted of Windows Remote Desktop plus an Active Directory and SQL database server. A number of EC2 instances were used to accommodate these workloads.

The retinal photos taken generated 750GB of data which was stored across EBS storage with 7 day snapshot backups. A Linux based VPN solution provides security into the Remote Desktop from the practices.

AWS Cloudwatch metrics and Cost Explorer budget alerts are in place to ensure any anomalies are detected early.

Cost Optimisation:

Instances are cost optimised using CloudFormation script to schedule daily EC2 instance size changes to reduce costs.

Benefits: NVO now has a scalable and secure AWS private cloud solution and pays a single monthly subscription to host and access their SQL based application via a secure VPN connection all completely managed and billed by one provider – Habitat3.