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Top six reasons to consider using an Australian private cloud server to host your Medical Software

Host Medical Software in the Private Cloud

We’ve all faced the prospect of replacing the practice IT server with some trepidation. Unfortunately when it starts to grind to a halt we can often choose to put it off.

The high up-front costs, the disruption to the clinic’s operations, the risk of data loss or corruption as well as the challenges of reinstalling your practice management software are just some of the reasons to delay the upgrade.

However, not replacing the server increases the risk of the whole thing completely failing and then having to do the upgrade in a rush with no access to patient records while the IT guys madly work to install the new system.

If only there was a better way.

Hosting your practice management software on a private server, stored in a secure Australian DataCentre and managed by specialists in medical software hosting has emerged as one of the most innovative IT solutions in years.

So what does using a private server hosting solution (often called a private cloud server) offer medical practices over the traditional model of purchasing and running your own server hardware?

1. No up-front equipment costs

A private cloud server is provided as a service for a monthly subscription. This means that you receive access to a fully functional system at all times for a monthly fee rather than purchasing hardware and taking on the responsibility to set it up and maintain it into the future.

2. Business scalability

A private cloud server allows you to add or reduce server capacity as your business grows or shrinks. Therefore your IT system and the associated costs are always in step with your practice size. If you purchase a second practice or take on more rooms your system can always meet your needs – it never runs out of capacity.

3. Boosted productivity

A convenient and reliable IT system that is accessible from multiple locations will save time and boost productivity of your medical practice. A private cloud server is fully supported and therefore your software and data is always available and running smoothly. Access a central database from multiple clinic locations or from your laptop while travelling or from home.

4. Ensures peace of mind

Mitigating business risk is a key responsibility of all businesses and insecure and unreliable IT systems are a prime source of risk. Using a private cloud server means that the high levels of data security, reliability and disaster recovery features means you can focus on your patients with peace of mind knowing that your software and data will be managed by professionals 24/7/365.

5. All-inclusive fixed pricing

Hosting your software and data within a private cloud server means you will receive one invoice per month that covers all aspects of your IT including server licensing, security and antivirus, backups, helpdesk support and all datacentre fees. This makes budgeting for your IT simple and your ongoing costs stable.

6. Data sovereignty

The location of where data is stored is becoming increasingly important with different countries adopting different privacy legislation. In most professions it is either recommended or required that you store your data within Australian borders. By using an Australian-based service provider that offers assurances in writing that all data is kept in Australia you will ensure that your data never leaves Australia.

Habitat3 provides secure private cloud hosting for Medical General and Specialist practices in Australia.

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