Host your Medical Software
on a secure private server

Free setup | Free support | Premium Quality

Using a Habitat3 Private Cloud server means you no longer need a physical server in your office to run your software.
You can access your Medical software, Microsoft Office (including email) and all your related files from multiple practices or when you are on the road via the Internet.
All the security, backups and technical support for your server is provided for a fixed monthly fee.

Host your medical practice software on a secure Private Cloud Server with Habitat3.

Habitat3 specialises in Private Cloud Hosting for:

- MedicalDirector Clinical / PracSoft / BlueChip

- Best Practice

- Genie

- MedTech

Key features of our service

Unlimited Server based support: We provide free ongoing support to ensure your cloud server is maintained and functioning as required at all times. Our premium support is our key differentiation in the market.

Security, Privacy and Data-Sovereignty: We store your data within an independent cloud server (not shared) within our  secure ISO accredited DataCentres all located within Australia - all your data remains on your own server in Australia at all times.

Backups: Full server backups are completed every 24 hours and 14 days history is retained.  There is no extra charge for these backups.

Offsite Backups: We are also able to send a complete copy of your full server backup to a second data centre each day.

Disaster Recovery cloud server replication: In addition to offsite backups, we are able to synchronise your full server to a second data centre every 15 minutes to allow you to 'failover' to the second data centre if the private data centre stops functioning.

Anywhere-Anytime access: You can work from home or while travelling, facilitating the ideal work-life balance.

MS Office integration: Seamless integration between your Medical Software and your email and other MS Office applications.

Flexibility: Use the service, add or remove user accounts, storage and MS office licenses month to month. There are no lock in contracts at Habitat3.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to get started?
All you need is an Internet connected device to start using your Medical software on a private cloud server.  This includes via 3G, 4G, ADSL and NBN.
How do I move my data? 
We provide a free setup and data migration service to ensure downtime is minimised.  We upload your database via the Internet overnight and in the morning you are ready to start using your private cloud server.
Will the service suit my practice?
Habitat3 cloud servers are perfect for small start-up practices as the pricing is very flexible.  Cloud servers are also great value for multi-site practices accessing a central system from many locations due to the scalability and flexibility of the technology.  
How does the pricing work?
Our pricing is based on a per user account per month basis - a monthly subscription.  You would typically need as many user accounts as you have different staff who need access to the system at the same time.
Please contact us on 1300 550 941 or for a customised quotation to suit your requirements.

What our clients say....

One Point Medical has been using the services of Habitat3 for the past three years. Habitat3 provide us with Cloud solutions for Medical Director, Pracsoft and other integrated medical software programs.


We have had no issues with the cloud server , in fact it has been a lot more stable than other IT we manage in other centres. The support team are very responsive and always helpful and friendly. I would recommend this technology to any medical centre in the future. It has saved the medical centre money in IT hardware and support.

Nicky Jardine Practice Setup and Management Specialists

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