Host MD, Genie,
Best Practice and more on a secure private server

Why use a Habitat3 private hosted server?

Habitat3 provides secure private server hosting to allow your General Practice or Specialist Clinic to host your choice of practice management software and associated data within our Australian DataCentre for a fixed monthly subscription.
We have an excellent track record of providing high performing and reliable hosted servers to medical clinics.
We have experience hosting medical practice management software including related tools including pathology downloaders, referral systems and online appointment booking integrations.
We have a very well established helpdesk and support process to ensure you receive prioritised support - even after hours when needed. To ensure your cloud server is maintained and functioning as required, we provide free support for all your user accounts.
Monthly subscription - no more to pay
We charge a fixed monthly fee to host your software and data based on the number of staff/PCs you have in your practice plus a storage fee. Learn more about our pricing model.
No setup fees
We provide a complete setup and data migration service at no charge. This makes it easier for businesses to afford the process of moving from a local server to a hosted service.
Month to month contract
When you start using our service you agree to our Usage Agreement. This is a month-to-month arrangement and you can cancel at any time. This lowers the risk for our new clients who are yet to experience our high quality service.
Scalable as your business changes
We are able to scale your service up if you grow or down if you downsize. Only pay for what you need when using Habitat3.
Good relationships with all the major software vendors
As we host many of the most popular software platforms we have developed good relationships with the software companies in the industry.
Multi-Site ready
Perfect for multi-site practices you can link your clinics to the one database and centralise all your practice data.

Anywhere-Anytime access.
Access your complete suite of software applications from anywhere, anytime and from any Internet connected device.
Decommission Existing Server. 
No server is needed in your office once moving to the Habitat3 Cloud Server.

Security and Privacy.
Secure your data all within Australia by hosting with Habitat3. All patient data remains within Australia. Habitat3 complies with the Australian Privacy Act and the RACGP Computer and Information Security Standards.
Software Updates
We complete your software updates for you.
Enterprise Level Security.  Your private cloud server is hosted in an ISO accredited data centre with an enterprise level firewall, ensuring the privacy and security of your business data. Using our hosting service will mean your practice complies with many of the requirements set out in the RACGP - Computer and information security standards.
Fully Backed-up.  Your complete cloud server, including all data and applications are backed up every night - providing a backup history of at least 7 days.

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