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Data Provision Policy

  1. Habitat3 considers all data stored within your Virtual Private Server (VPS) to be owned by you our Client.

  2. At any time (including when cancelling) you may request Habitat3 provide a full copy of the data stored on your VPS for a fee.

  3. You also are able to request a copy of your primary software database separately (not including documents) if required for an additional fee.

  4. All requests must be made via the secure Helpdesk Portal by the Account Holder.

  5. All data requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to data being provided. In the case of requesting data after cancellation (during the 14 days of data retention), data requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to the end of the 14 day period.

  6. When requesting a full copy of your data we will commence data extraction at 2pm (AEDST) and your full data set will be available for you to download once extraction and encryption is complete.

  7. Your server will be unavailable from the time we commence the data extraction until the extraction is complete.

  8. We will send the Account Holder an email with a link to allow your data to be downloaded. The download zip file will be password protected.

  9. Instructions will be provided to you on how to open the compressed zip file and access your data.

  10. We will make your zip file/s available via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) download. Instructions will be provided to allow you to do this.

  11. If you are using the pop protocol with your email you may also request separate copies of each mailbox exported to a PST file.

  12. We will attempt to make contact with you via email and phone to allow you to verify that you have in fact successfully downloaded the data you requested. However, if you have cancelled your service and do not respond we will comply with our policy and the Australian Privacy Act and delete all your data from our systems 14 days after the last day of your last billing cycle.

  13. No bootable virtual machine images will be provided at any time. Only your Data will be provided.

  14. Habitat3 will only provide data to Account Holders and will not facilitate sending client data to any 3rd parties even if requested.

  15. In the event a Habitat3 client sells their business their service will be terminated by Habitat3. They are able to make a request for data to be provided to the existing Account Holder.

  16. If the new owner wishes to continue the service, the previous owners must sign an Authority to make available all data held by Habitat3 on their behalf to the new owner.  The new owner must sign a new Service Supply Agreement prior to accessing the service.

  17. In some circumstances it may be necessary to validate your identity prior to providing your data. 

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