MYOB Hosting Service

Habitat3 specifically states in its Terms and Conditions that we charge additional fees to host MYOB applications within a remote desktop. We also reserve the right to refuse to host any MYOB applications.

The Terms of Service also state that you indemnify Habitat3 from any loss associated with running MYOB within a remote desktop as this is not a method of hosting MYOB approved by MYOB Support.


The additional fees are charged due to two key impacts MYOB has on your service and the Habitat3 environment.


Most MYOB applications are not supported by MYOB Support when running within a remote desktop environment (which is how we deliver the Habitat3 Cloud Server to your desktop). This means that Habitat3 technical staff are soley responsible for ensuring MYOB functions as you expect as they (and you) will not be provided with any help from MYOB if there are any issues with your application and/or your data files during normal use or upgrades.


Newer versions of MYOB (in particular the 2015/2016 versions) use SQL database variants which significantly increase RAM and CPU usage on your cloud server.


Habitat3 will advise monthly pricing for hosting MYOB depending on the version of MYOB you wish to host. Habitat3 reserves the right to change this pricing as the MYOB products evolve and have more or less impact on our support staff and on the server resources required.

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