Cloud based Email Exchange service from Microsoft

MS Exchange Online

Microsoft's hosted business-grade email service - Exchange Online

MS Exchange Online is a service provided by Microsoft that manages the sending and receiving of email. It also allows for the syncing of all Outlook related information between devices (eg. your server and your phone). This includes email, calendars, contacts and tasks.

Visit Microsoft's web page showing pricing and features of MS Exchange Online.

Habitat3 Exchange Online Migration Service

Habitat3 can setup the service for you and migrate your email, calendars, contacts and tasks across to MS Exchange Online. We do this typically to facilitate clients moving away from on-premise servers to Habitat3 Cloud servers.

It is critical for Habitat3 to be able to make changes to your Domain's MX record (email server destination) to switch the incoming email from your old email service to the new Email Exchange Online service.

Email Exchange Migration Process - in 10 key steps

In the lead up to switching over to Exchange Online

1. Habitat3 will go through the process with each client to ensure everyone is aware of the migration process

2. Habitat3 will ask clients to provide access details to control the client's domain name and MX record

3. Habitat3 will assist clients in signing-up to Microsoft's service

4. Habitat3 will add the client's domain to Exchange Online and verify domain (MX record) control

5. Once verified Habitat3 will be able to complete the switch-over of email to Exchange Online using the domain

Day of email and domain switch-over

6. Habitat3 will switch the domain name to point to Exchange Online at midday (this allows incoming email to be delivered to Exchange Online)

Please anticipate some email disruption from midday to close of business on switch-over day.

7. Habitat3 sets up the MS Outlook on each of the client's PCs to connect to the new MS Exchange Online account

8. Habitat3 copies all email, calendar, contact and task information from each staff member's old email account (local) to their new email account (Exchange Online) in Outlook. This is done by logging into each of your PCs for about 15 minutes.

9. Email, calendars, contacts and tasks in the new account will then sync up to Microsoft's servers over the Internet

Email sending: Clients will be able to send email immediately after Habitat3 has logged into their PC and added the new email account and copied the email across.

Email receiving: New email messages will be received once the domain name has been propagated across the Internet. This happens progressively and usually will be in effect within 15 minutes but can take up to 24 hours to allow all users across the Internet to send messages to you. Learn more about domain propagation at Netregistry website.

Following day after switch-over

10. Habitat3 will assist with any teething issues related to the email migration.

Cloud Server Migrations done 1 week after email migration is complete

Habitat3 will always complete MS Exchange migrations at least one week before commencing the migration of the client's software and data to a Habitat3 cloud server. This ensures that each migration can be completed successfully with all associated testing.


One off migration fees


$165 inc GST - MS Exchange Online Setup Fees

$22 inc GST - Per exchange mailbox setup

$99 inc GST - Per email data migration to exchange

Pricing example:
5 email accounts to be setup and 5 existing email data to be migrated.
$165 + (5 x $22 = $110) + (5 x $99 = $495) = $770 Inc GST

Ongoing support is provided as part your MS Office license fees.

Ongoing Support for non-Cloud Server clients is $165 inc GST per hour for email application (eg. Outlook) support and email services support.

Migrate to Exchange Online - submit the request into our helpdesk to get started

Learn more about Exchange Mail backup services at AusDrive.

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