How a Virtual Private Cloud Server help you and your business

Benefits of moving to a Virtual Private Cloud Server

Through ad-hoc discussions and formal surveys our clients provided us with the following reasons why they chose a cloud server to host their data and applications rather than purchasing a physical server for their office.


Data security

gives you peace of mind

  1. Each client accesses a secure dedicated virtual server

  2. Servers include Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection

  3. Enterprise level firewall security and server segregation

  4. Account lockout if more than three incorrect login attempts

  5. DataCentre PCI Ver3, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 accredited



saves you time

  1. Access software from anywhere when connected to the Internet

  2. Share centralised database between multiple staff in different locations

  3. Software upgrades done for you

  4. Access from both Mac and Windows PCs

  5. Access from Android and IOS portable devices


business continuity

reduce your stress

  1. Enterprise level server hardware cluster provides full redundancy

  2. Automated nightly backups of all data

  3. Cloud server synced to a second data centre every 15 minutes

  4. Additional offsite backups available on request

  5. Proactive server hardware upgrades done with no downtime



grow or downsize when needed

  1. No up front setup or data migration fees

  2. Hosting costs linked directly to expansion and/or contraction of business

  3. Use month to month – no lock in contracts

  4. No need to upgrade existing PCs

  5. Includes Microsoft license fees


full unlimited ongoing support

boosts productivity

  1. Private hosted server is fully supported by experienced Australian based helpdesk

  2. 8am - 6pm for general requests

  3. 24/7/365 for critical requests

  4. No need for expensive IT consultants charging hourly rates


fully licensed

hassle free complaince

  1. All Windows Server licensing and remote access licenses

  2. MS Office (including Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher)

  3. All SQL licensing (including Standard Edition if required)


reduces IT and business risk

Cloud servers can mitigate risk in ways on premise servers can’t match.

  1. Using a cloud server will mitigate these risks in a more effective way than an on-premise server because the cloud server is located and protected within the DataCentre, has failover and rollback options and is proactively managed and supported continuously by IT professionals.

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