Host BlueChip & MD on a Private Cloud Server

Habitat3 provides a full Private Cloud server to allow your Specialist Practice to host your BlueChip and MD software on a secure, Australian cloud server for a fixed monthly fee.
We have the experience hosting your BlueChip software to ensure a fast, reliable and support service supports your busy practice.

Perfect for multi-site practices you can link your clinics to the one patient database and centralise all your practice data.

Anywhere-Anytime access.
Access your complete suite of software applications from anywhere, anytime and from any Internet connected device.
Existing Server. 
No server is needed in your office once moving to the Habitat3 Cloud Server.

Security and Privacy.
Secure your data all within Australia by hosting with Habitat3. All patient data remains within Australia. Habitat3 complies with the Australian Privacy Act and the RACGP Computer and Information Security Standards.

Why use a Habitat3 private cloud server?

Cloud Hosting

Endorsed by MedicalDirector

More information about BlueChip is available from Mark Ryan and Christiana Christou at MedicalDirector. Call 1300 300 161.

Service Features
Free Server Setup. We setup your new server and complete full testing to ensure the server is ready for you. We also work closely with MedicalDirector in the installation and configuration of your software.  
Free ongoing support. To ensure your cloud server is maintained and functioning as required, we provide free support for all your user accounts. 
Experienced hosting provider.  With our experience hosting MedicalDirector and other medical industry tools, your software will be running in its optimum environment.
Enterprise Level Security.  Your private cloud server is hosted in an ISO accredited data centre with an enterprise level firewall, ensuring the privacy and security of your business data. Using our hosting service will mean your practice complies with many of the requirements set out in the RACGP - Computer and information security standards.
No Fixed-Term Contracts.  Use our service on a month to month basis - no contracts, no lock-in.
Fully Backed-up.  Your complete cloud server, including all data and applications are backed up every night - providing a backup history of at least 7 days.

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